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Saturday, December 30, 2006
The Test...
Check this out, it's cool! Do one of your own and I'll come see it if you leave me a comment that you have posted your results.

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 66%
Stability |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Orderliness |||||||||||||| 53%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 43%
Mystical |||||| 23%
Artistic |||||| 30%
Religious |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Hedonism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Materialism |||||||||| 36%
Narcissism |||||||||| 36%
Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Self absorbed |||| 16%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||||||| 63%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 43%
Romantic |||||||||| 36%
Avoidant || 10%
Anti-authority |||||| 30%
Wealth || 10%
Dependency |||||||||||| 43%
Change averse |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Individuality |||||||||||| 43%
Sexuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Peter pan complex || 10%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||| 44%
Histrionic || 10%
Paranoia |||||| 23%
Vanity |||||| 23%
Hypersensitivity |||||| 23%
Female cliche |||||||||||||||| 70%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by

Stability results were high which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic..

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.

trait snapshot:

social, outgoing, worry free, optimistic, upbeat, tough, likes large parties, makes friends easily, rarely irritated, open, enjoys leadership, trusting, dominant, thrill seeker, strong, does not like to be alone, assertive, mind over heart, confident, controlling, feels desirable, likes the spotlight, loves food, social chameleon, hard working, concerned about others
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  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Mama-Beans said…

    Done. Pathetically accurate for the most part.

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    Mine as well. I had a feeling it would be. Notice all the traits are either described as negative or lukewarm?

    Maybe that's how I knew. If it were totally optomistic I would have assumed it was complete bullshit.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Now that the party's over.
So Christmas came, Christmas went. I enjoyed myself immensely, especially watching my son's overly dramatic responses to all the gifts he got. Nobody can gasp with utter joy and surprise quite like a 4-year-old. He unfortunately received several toys that make enough noise to bring on a serious headache or shatter the eardrums, depending on how close you happen to be standing when he turns them on. He is also exceptionally offended when I suggest that the perfect place to play with those toys might be his room. Luckily he also received some toys that make no noise whatsoever and I have no problem with him making use of them in the common rooms of the house. He got some art supplies, a puzzle, a board game, a book and some action figures that he very much wanted but seems slightly unsure how to make use of. My hubby was the happy recipient of things from the Oregon Duck store (from me) and is now the proud owner of the biggest window stickers I have ever seen. I also got him some games that he's been exploring. I was ecstatic to get a new set of stainless steel cookware that can withstand oven temperatures to 400 degrees. My darling hubby was nice enough to get me things from Victoria's Secret that I not only actually wanted but can use! Bras and undies that are actually meant to be worn under clothes! Granted, they are still very pretty and all that but their main purpose is real use instead of 15 minutes of wear followed by a stint on the bedroom floor. One of my very best friends gave me a large basket full of gourmet foods. Included are a bottle of wine and a Tortuga rum cake. I've never had a rum cake but I like cake and I love rum so I imagine I won't have to force it down. ***********************************************************************************

Considering that we've had a few days off I've indulged in something I never get to do. Not a lot of indulgence, just a little because we still have other things to do. I've actually gotten to watch a little TV. Apparently I'm a little out of the loop because several entertaining shows I had never even heard of. Some reality shows actually had my mouth dropping open. There was one where the mom of several small kids was basically allowing them to run the house. She would be trying to pull one of the kid's hands away from a cabinet full of things they were not supposed to touch and this little turd was smacking the crap out of his mother to get what he wanted. The mom never raised her voice or lost her temper but she also said nothing more than "no, no, you can't touch that." This obviously had zero effect on the child and he eventually got frustrated and added kicking and screaming to his offenses against mommy. I actually got pissed enough that I had to change the channel. I understand that there are lots of ways to discipline your children but in order for them to work, you have to actually implement them. I'm not a fan of all the methods, I prefer to spank just like my parents did. The nice thing about this method is that once you've established that you will indeed spank if needed you don't have to do it very often. Now I can give my son options. "You can either go get in bed or I can spank you and then you can go get in bed. What's it gonna be?" This works very, very well. He opts to get into bed and I don't have to spank him. Thank God, because I enjoy it probably about as much as he does. However I still had to show him in the beginning that I meant what I said and could, and would, back it up with a hiding. These days we have pleasant behavior from him the vast majority of the time. Of course, there are several things that earn him a spanking the very second he does them but these are things that he already knows full well not to do and what punishment they earn. We still talk to him after the deed is done and reinforce why he cannot do these things. If the misbehavior is new then he only gets the talk and not the spanking. I would never spank him for something he didn't know was a big no-no. Beyond the spanking he still gets things taken away or is sent to his room for the more minor things and he still gets lots of reminders on what things he should not be doing if he doesn't want to get a spanking. Lots of weeks pass without a single spanking. He also avoids time-outs at daycare 99% of the time and I very rarely get a bad report from anyone who watches him. My conclusion? Spanking works. After a while spanking becomes nigh unnecessary and the idea of the spanking helps the child to make good decisions based on consequences, which is good considering that that is precisely how life works. Ok, that's the end of my spiel. ************************************************************************************

On yet another subject, nothing much happening in me-land. Lots of cramps, but it's still a tad early to expect AF to show herself. I'm tired, but that's normal for me and my temps are pretty much back to baseline. So, still expecting the witch and the kickoff of my next round of Clomid. That's ok with me because I know for a fact that I ovulated so this stuff works. That, to me, is a triumph no matter what. My spirits are up, I'm feeling decently contented with the current situation, and I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The only thing on my mind is being stuck between really wanting to get pregnant and really not wanting to deal with the fear of another miscarriage, let alone the miscarriage itself. Rock and a hard place, baby! I should be used to this by now, don't you think?
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  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger Life Is Good said…

    Glad you had a great holiday.

    Praying for a successful pregnancy-whenever God decides that is going to be.

    Also hoping that those that ask insensitive questions will have their armpits invaded by a thousand sand fleas!

  • At 6:14 PM, Blogger Mama-Beans said…

    So....... testing?

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    So......why do you ask? Are you impatient? Are you dying to know?

    If so my answer're just gonna have to wait. Like me.


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Friday, December 22, 2006
Here we go a-charting...
So anyway, 8 dpo with temps in the 99s and zero symptoms if you don't count the giggles and the urge to drink beers. Haven't been paying the attention I have in the past by any means, but I'm still a little hopeful. I'm not sure when I will test at this point or if I will actually wait to see if AF shows, one thing I am sure of though. I will not be telling anyone, probably not even my hubby if I get the coveted BFP. I don't want to un-tell anyone this time, or ever again if I can help it. I never decided how long I would wait, but at least past the 8 week mark. That is, of course, IF I ever get there at all. Either way, I'm definitely going to keep things on the down-low until I have something a bit more permanent to say. For now, I'm only planning to enjoy Christmas and the extra time away from work. I may even indulge in a couple of those beers! ;P

Merry Christmas!
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Monday, December 18, 2006
Updating dutifully...
So my round has come and gone. Currently 4 dpo and it is quite obvious that I did indeed ovulate. Feeling fine, normal really and just waiting to see what will happen next. It is evident to me that nothing will really be different for days so I'm just going about my business as usual. I've been busy enough to not make a huge issue of it and I think my forgetfulness concerning my blog is a indicator of that. Anyway, I'll get back on here when something actually changes or at the beginning of the next cycle.

By the way.....Merry Christmas everyone!!
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Today is the day...
Yup this is it. I have taken the pills. I am not dead, nor do I feel like I am dying. This medication has some hype, both good and bad, surrounding it and I must admit, it made me probably more apprehensive than I should have been. Now that I have actually taken the leap, I almost feel a bit let down that my hair didn't all fall out or my bowels become watery. Not that I feel true disappointment, mind you, just a lack of excitement that I didn't see coming. Strange, I suppose. Not that I wanted baldness or watery bowels. I just figured that something evil would happen to me, partially because of the hype and partially because I'm doing something about the problem instead of letting God take care of it for me. I'm not sure that's smart, but who knows? I may be part Catholic after all, with that guilty point of view hanging over my shoulder. Either way, I'm proceeding cautiously, with the understanding that I can decide to stop whenever and my OB will explore other options with me. Plus, she's keeping in pretty close contact with me so that helps my comfort level quite a bit. *Sigh.* I'm going to go to sleep, hopefully I'll still feel good tomorrow.
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  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Mama-Beans said…

    Insomnia and hot flashes are common.. those were the only effects I noticed during those 5 days. You WILL have harsher ovulation pains though, which is GOOD as it means they are working. Hopefully this is your cycle

  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger Franay said…


  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger LifeIsGood said…

    Now you just need to eat healthier and drink less and you should be good to go.

  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    You wanna explain how I can eat healthier when you make all these evil goodies?

    Perhaps all children should be raised on a diet of haystacks and popcorn balls.

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Friday, December 01, 2006
Day two!!! Day two!!! Tomorrow we start!!! *SCREECH*

(Freaking out a little.......sorry!)
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