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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Oh boy, my stomach is pitching!
Today is day 1.

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Friday, November 24, 2006
How do you deal with it?
So here I am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Aunt Flo in early December when I come down with something that feels suspiciously like strep throat. I know that I will have to do some sort of course of antibiotics, most likely Penicillin, but I am hoping they can be persuaded to give me a fat shot in the ass instead of a week's worth of pills. I hate to swallow antibiotics. They don't get along well with my stomach and they make me feel icky. Plus, there is that huge downside to having to remember to take them everyday, which I am sadly terrible at. I'm not sure if the antibiotics will have a large effect on the next cycle or not, and of course I can't ask as everyone is on holiday at the moment. I figure one does what one must and so I will pursue whatever course of treatment they recommend as I would rather screw up a cycle than have strep turn into something else.

*Sigh* This is still taking forever, though.
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  • At 5:44 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    By the way, no strep, no antibiotics, no nuthin.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Can you say boring?
Not much going on here. Faithfully taking the pre-meds to get ready for the real meds that start in December. My doc has been in pretty constant contact about all the things I didn't think she'd be diligent about. Lots of tests, lots of talking. Honestly, becoming eye-rollingly bored with it. Not the hoped-for end result, just the process we have to endure to get there. I'll be having a nice, polite conversation about it on the phone and my brain will randomly throw out some impatient phrase like "oh this is such utter horseshit!" or "yeah, yeah, yeah just get on with it already!" I'm not feeling hostile or anything, just annoyed that this is such a freakin' fiasco. A fiasco that progresses at a snail's pace. If the snail suffered from partial paralysis and narcolepsy. And had recently been taking Thorazine. And a couple shots of Jack Daniels. And a little marijuana. And was sleepy from staying up too late the night before watching I Dream of Genie reruns. And was seriously lazy and suffered from a sense of entitlement and that removed all motivation and made him think that the world owes him a favor. Notice the snail is male? Anyway, that is the only update that I can offer you. I'm eating more yams and sweet potatoes, partially because of the fertility rumors and partially because they are so damn good for you. Drinking water when it doesn't seem too likely to dilute the caffeine in my bloodstream, because hey, I'm somewhat lacking in motivation lately myself and could use the help. Reading lots, because it seems to keep my brain afloat. Spending lots of time with my hubby and son because it keeps me smiling.

Hope you all are having lots of smiles too!
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Friday, November 10, 2006
Shocker here...
You'll never guess who came to visit me! My great Aunt Flo!! Yay, I missed her in a self-torturing kind of way and take her presence as proof that all my plumbing is in good working order with no clogged pipes or unsightly calcium build-up. Plus, I gotta tell ya, I'm dragging ass. I'm supposed to be collecting medical records for this doc because she wants to see what other tests I may have had in the past. I'm not being terribly prompt about this. Of course, while those other offices are open, I'm at work. Working. And, it's been a busy week already as people are calling in sick. Three today with 2 more so ill that one had no voice and the other spent the day with a tissue perpetually stuck to his schnoz. We'll see what the attendance looks like tomorrow. Either way, I keep picking on myself to get this done but when I remember with that urgency you get when you forgot something it is always after 5 p.m. and the next thing on the agenda is cooking dinner. I'll get to it eventually. But in the meantime, yay Aunt Flo!!
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  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger Amber said…

    Wow, stumbled across this on accident and I have to say I've been more than a litte curious as to what's been going on in this aspect of your life and I'm sorry to say it's not been good for you. I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through but know that you are in my prayers no matter what. I know I might not be the best person to talk to about this but my door is always open if you want to chat.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006
The update we've all been waiting for...
Yeah, not so much. No stupidity to speak of, just some forward thinking lingo and some tests to rule out a few things and then, the overload of medications. She's definitely not screwing around anymore, although I think it's a drag that we had to do the miscarriage thing more than once to get the response that we wanted. At this point it's a bit anticlimactic. Not the reaction that I expected from myself, but hell, who knows with me anymore? I also am apparently not going to get a visit from my dear Aunt Flo this month, and boy do I miss her. My HCG has finally gone down to nothing so apparently Auntie dear is punishing me for all the shit-talking and bitching I do about her on a monthly basis under normal conditions. Damn her for the cold-hearted, fickle hooker that she is. Oops, I mean I sure do miss my benevolent, usually-timely, only slightly messy Auntie. Yeah, that's what I said. Right? (Back me up, ya'll are supposed to be my bee-atches dammit.) In any case, I'm not sure why a single doctor's appt should make me feel nothing but a dragging weariness, but I'm definitely tired. Not a normal tired, something entirely different that involves some insomnia and a serious desire to stop getting out of bed in the morning. So far I've been combating that by simultaneously singing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and doing "The Carlton" and that seems to help. Very few things can beat blatant absurdity. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do next, as far as things I'm going to actively pursue, at the moment I'm just going with the flow. We'll see where that takes me.
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