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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
And just what exactly do you think has changed?
So, seriously. I just posted like, 5 days ago. Do you think that perhaps I've given birth? That my ass has suddenly ballooned out like a human rumble seat? Or perhaps that some real-life Daddy Warbucks has died and willed us all his earthly goods? Well ha! None of that happened! Nothing has really changed. It's only Tuesday but I already feel like it's been a long week. I have my glucose test in the morning and a checkup while waiting for the bloodwork to come back. I'm trying to pig out tonight since I know I won't have the opportunity to eat before 9 or 10 tomorrow morning. That's going to be hard. Added to that fact, I've pretty much been consistantly craving healthy food so sucking down the sugar bomb from hell is probably going to take a huge amount of personal fortitude. Hopefully I won't vomit it all back up and have to do it again. I have a pal that is going to tag along to keep me company while I digest said sugar bomb and if she gets to see me disgrace myself by upchucking I'm sure it will add to the novelty of her day. So, update. The belly is still big, it's still hot out, I'm still tired. The little bean is not tired, seemingly ever so I'm even more tired. He's a freak and moves around in there all the time. I'm grateful for the signs of life and health even though I occasionally long for the ability to hand him to his daddy so I can roll over and go back to sleep. Or put him in time-out. I can't wait. Anyway, things are good. The same really. So stop bitching.
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