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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Hey, don't I know you? is everybody? I'm doing well. School eats up a large amount of my time, as it always does. Interesting classes, really not high in difficult subject matter this term. Did start a yoga class. This, as it turned out, was a very smart idea. I don't mind so much that a lot of the philosophies are directly opposed to my own. It is soooo nice to go to a quiet, mostly dark studio after work where you stretch, relax, breathe deeply and do some really challenging poses. By the time I get done nothing is sore anymore. All the aches and pains from work have melted away into this whole body warmth that is just delicious. Matter of fact, during our cooldown today I actually dozed off. Everything feels that good when we're done. It's really hard to get into gear for my class after that so I think if I take it next term I'll try to make it the last class of the day. I highly reccomend it to anyone who has a physical job or chronic pain of any kind. It also tones while it does all of this wonderful relaxing so I'd have to say it is the most contradictory yet enjoyable workout I've ever done.

So, that's my public service announcement of the day. Hope you've learned something.
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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Oh, me too me too!
Lifted this from another blog, thought it looked like fun. Don't be a party pooper and fail to participate!

A-Available or married? Married for 8 years!

B-Best friend? Sister-in-laws count? Hubbies? I have a few....

C-Cake or pie? Um....ew.

D-Drink of choice? Coffee!!

E-Essential item? The CD player in my car.

F-Favorite color? No idea. Blue, pink, purple, green, etc.

G-Gummi bears or Worms? If you insist. Can I get sprinkles on that?

H-Hometown? Silver City, NM.

I-Indulgence? The occasional white chocolate mocha.

J-January or February? January, month of my b-day, my son's and my mom's!

K-Kids and names? Just the Corb-ster.

L-Life is incomplete without? So many people I wouldn't know where to start!

M-Marriage date? October 24, 1998.

N-Number of siblings? 2 stinky brothers.

O-Oranges or apples? Yes! And bananas and mangos and pears and pineapples and.....

P-Phobias or fears? I really don't like foot bridges.

Q-Favorite quote? Quando omni flunkus moritatus. (When in doubt, play dead)

R-Reason to smile? I have a great hubby and son, great friends and a great life!

S-Season? Autumn!

T-Tag three people? Jenn, Sorry one is the best I'm gonna try to do!

U-Unknown fact about me? I've always kinda enjoyed eating powdered milk.

V-Vegetable you hate? Brussels sprouts.

W-Worst habit? I'm quite the snacker.

Y-Your favorite food? Damn near all of it!

Z-Zodiac? Capricorn!
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
So, little question...
I have a little question for you all. You could call it a poll if you wish.

Would you get the vaccine for HPV? Would you take your daughters to get it?

Why or why not?
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  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger Mama-Beans said…

    I personally am not going to get the vaccine simply because in my situation it would be a waste of money and an unnecessary poke. Without doing ANY research on risks, etc from the vaccine, taking things at face value, I WILL have Raegan get the vaccine when she is older.... 16 or so, along with whatever routein vaccines she's getting. If course, if in my research I discover some nasty side effects or risks, maybe not. At this time I really don't see the downside to possibly preventing both HPV and Cancer.

  • At 9:56 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    I may get it, you never know. I might hook up with the Rock somewhere down the road and who knows where he's been.

    If I had a female child, I'd get it for her too.

  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger alyca said…


    Yes. As a matter of fact, I was in the study for this vaccine which proved its effectiveness and safety and allowed it to be produced and marketed, etc. I am now in the followup study that is testing how long the effects of the vaccine last--do you need a titer later, etc. They are hopeful that only one shot is needed, but it may turn out that you need boosters, like with many others.

    AND....for Sabrina.....the vaccine MUST be given before ANY sexual contact whatsoever. ANY. How old were you your first time?? They are recommending it for kids to get as young as 8 or 9 (not that kids that age are doing sexual is just a time where you are SURE you are getting the vaccine first, and I think it coincides with some other vaccines). Anyway.....

  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger Franay said…

    Cool! Thanks for delurking, you're always welcome to comment. I would probably get it because I'm into that whole "better safe than sorry" thing. I would also be more than happy to get it for any daughters I may have at the earliest opportunity for the same reason. It's not like they care anyway, to them any needle aimed at them is a bad needle no matter what's in it. I tend to opt for whatever vaccines are available for myself, the hubby and the son. We actually tacked on 2 extra for my boy at his 5-year-old appointment. Hep A and a flu shot. He goes back in a month for boosters and (yay!) not a single side effect for him! He ended up getting 7 vaccines in 4 shots, poor kid. He did say after he stopped crying that he still thinks getting shots is a good thing. I was so proud!

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