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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Nothing interesting. Or cheerful.
So nothing fun going on with me. Apparently the first trimester was my "easy" time during which I got to feel good and normal and enjoy my full scope of regular activities. Not so much the second. I have, it has been explained to me, pain stemming from the uterous not-so-subtly shoving all my other internal organs out of it's way. I can honestly say that this is one of the most uncomfortable sensations I've ever encountered. It hurts everything from my collar bones to my knees (or thereabouts) and is completely unfazed by Tylenol. It is one of those pains that I can't ignore and go about my daily business. It occasionally upsets my tummy, more occasionally enough to cause my lunch to defect. Occasionally it causes me to have diahrrea. It seems to disrupt everything. This is my second episode of this and I'm hoping it will go away for good soon. The last episode lasted for about 24 hours and I'm hoping this one is on it's way out. It doesn't seem to bother the baby, though and it continues to kick and squirm through the whole thing, thank God. Our ultrasound is next Wednesday and hopefully everything continues to look good in there and maybe we will even be able to see what flavor we are having! I sure hope so!
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